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Program Overview
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The Fran Coulter Honors Program was approved by the Board of Trustees of Arkansas State University in December 2003, with the program being implemented in Fall 2005.



The Fran Coulter Honors Program was created as a vehicle to recognize academic excellence and to provide courses to challenge highly-motivated, intellectually-talented, academically well-prepared, and/or creative students. An addition purpose is to enhance the image of the community college as a place associated with quality scholarly pursuits and activities.


Through participation in the program, students are encouraged to develop their full potential in leadership and scholarship through a variety of educational activities by working with a select group of dedicated faculty, but within and outside of the classroom setting, and through interaction with other honors program students.



The Fran Coulter Honors Program at Arkansas State University Mountain Home provides students with intellectual opportunities beyond those of the traditional classroom through direct contact with outstanding faculty members.



The Mission of the Fran Coulter Honors Program is to promote communication through critical analysis and intellectual exchange, to provide service and leadership opportunities, and to pursue ideas and solutions through interdisciplinary approaches.



Investigating ideas, Searching for solutions: Creating leaders.



The Fran Coulter Honors Program subscribes to the following goals:


  • To develop enriched curricula that are innovative, interdisciplinary, investigative, and solution-seeking, 
  • To provide students with opportunities to develop strong critical analysis and communication skills,  
  • To attract, reward, and retain students of outstanding academic ability and creative talent,
  • To prepare students for academic and community leadership through providing service and leadership opportunities both on the campus and in the community, 
  • To enhance the university environment through a focus on excellence in education and outstanding academic performance.

Investigating ideas, Searching for solutions: Creating leaders.