Fran Coulter Honors Program at ASUMH

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Course Descriptions
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Course Offerings

All credit hours earned in courses designated as having an honors component (H designated) can be used to fulfill general education core requirements. The two honors forums are electives.

Course Differences

The  workload in most honors courses is not significantly greater than a non-honors course. The difference lies in the types of materials assigned, the quality of class discussions, and the ability to work independently.


Honors courses allow intellectually motivated students to investigate ideas and search for solutions. This freedom of academic pursuit engages the honors student and makes the classroom an avenue for active interchange of intellectual concepts rather than a place of static imparting of information.. If this material describes the academic approach that best suits your learning style and piques your interest, then the Fran Coulter honors program may be right for you.

Honors Forums

The following two courses are the core courses of the program and must be successfully completed by all honors students.


HON 1203 Honors Forum: History of Great Ideas: Draws on ideas and texts from both Western and other cultures to examine broad-ranging topics across political, economic, cultural, and disciplinary boundaries. Prerequisite: Admission into the Fran Coulter Honors program or by petition to the Honors Committee (F).


HON 2203 Honors Forum: In Search of Solutions Examines different views of global leadership, investigates conflict management,  teaches goal setting and ethical reasoning as tools in defining personal leadership styles, and focuses on service leadership through team building activities. Prerequisite: Admission into the Fran Coulter Honors program or by petition to the Honors Committee (S).

Honors Component Courses

These courses will be offered on a rotation basis, determined by cohort needs, with at least four courses other than the forum being offered in a Fall/Spring semester. The prerequisite for each of these courses is either admission into the honors program or by petition to the honors committee.


  • ART 2503H Fine Arts Visual Honors
  • BIOL 1004H Biological Science and Lab, Honors
  • CIS 1203H Introduction to Computers, Honors
  • ECON 2333H Economic Issues and Concepts, Honors
  • ENG 1003H Composition I, Honors
  • ENG 1013H Composition II, Honors
  • ENG 2003H Literature of the Western World to 1660, Honors
  • ENG 2013H Literature of the Western World from 1660, Honors
  • HIST 1013H World Civilization to 1660, Honors
  • HIST 1023H World Civilization since 1660, Honors
  • MATH 1023H College Algebra, Honors
  • POSC 2103H United States Government, Honors
  • SOC 2213H Principles of Sociology, Honors
  • SPCH 1203H Oral Communication, Honors

Investigating ideas, Searching for solutions: Creating leaders.