Fran Coulter Honors Program at ASUMH

Student Eligibility
Program Overview
Student Eligibility
Course Descriptions
Graduation and Maintenance Requirements
Application: Current Student, 1st Semester
Student Course Contract
Faculty Course Contract
Faculty Selection and Course Proposal
Sample Honors Forum Syllabus
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Student Eligibility

To be eligible to become a member of the Fran Coulter Honors Program

Incoming freshmen must

         have a GPA of 3.50 in high school

         enroll for twelve credit hours (CPT courses are excluded).

         have recommendations from three high school instructors, counselors, and/or principals who are familiar with the student’s academic work.

Current students at ASUMH must

         be enrolled as a full-time student taking at least twelve hours,

         have a GPA of 3.50 at ASUMH, having completed twelve credit hours, and/or

         have faculty recommendation(s) from three ASUMH faculty who are familiar with the student’s academic work. (In GPA’s, CPT classes will not count).

Investigating ideas, Searching for solutions: Creating leaders.