Serial Killers 101
Jeffrey Dahmer
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The information in this site was gathered through research in a college composition course. All work was done by college students.

In investigating serial killers, many common personality traits are found. These include a search for self-gratification through means that are not socially or morally acceptable, hatred of others, especially women, and of self, a desire for money, a need for power over victims, and a belief that they are above the common social mores and are superior in their actions and in their contempt for the law. Self-gratification was found to be the primary motivating factor in six of the murderers studied (60%). Hatred was the primary motivating factor of three of the murderersone misanthrope, one misogynist, and one racist. Finally, monetary gain was found to motivate one murderer, the only female who acted individually.

The motivation categories we came
up with were hate, power, self gratification, money, and a feeling or
attitude of superiority. (Contempt) is how I would best describe the
last motivation, but there were those that disagreed.
David Berkowitz was determined to be motivation by PRIMARY hatred of women (misogynist), power, and self gratification.
William Bonin's motivations were determined to be all of those listed, PRIMARYself-gratification, especially a pediophilea homosexual predator.
Aileen Wuornos's motivations were determined to be hate and , PRIMARY money.
And lastly, it was determined that Gary Ridgeway was only motivated by Primary self
gratification and also hated women..
Paul Bernado and Carla Holmoaka team killers, sexual sadistis Primary self-gratification, with superiority as secondaryboth were pediophile.
Ted Bundy primarily out for self-gratification with high superiority.
Charles Manson motivated by power instigated through hate. Control issue. Racism.
Charles Starkweather, hated everyone (misanthrope).
Jeffrey Dahlmer self-gratification (over young men and black men and Asians also a pediophile) and power