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Dark Illness Within


Everywhere I go, everything I do, everything I see reminds me of Kristen. Paul Bernardo took Kristen away form us physically.  Thankfully, he could not take her spirit, her courage, her soul. These words are from broken hearted Donna French. (DArchy, 1995) Tragically three families suffered form the losses of their daughters to two sexual sadistic individuals.  What causes individuals to cause pain or even death to others?  Is it things or events that have happened in the past?  Does that give anyone an excuse to cause another to suffer?  We can see form related articles that these two serial killers were indeed fulfilling desires for one another.  It does not matter what age, sex, race, religion a killer can murder by himself or herself.  Yet, in some cases, the murderer can be a woman who will use her mate as an accessory in providing her own pleasures of killing.

            In 1970, Karel and Dorithy Homolka and their daughters moved to a trailer park outside St. Catherens.  Homolka owned a picture framing business but later became a lighting salesman.  Dorothy Homolka was employed at St. Catherines hospital as a secretary. Karla was born on May 4, 1970.  Karlas middle sister, Lori was born June 22, 1971and Tammy was born Jan 1, 1975. (Chidley, Enigma)

            Karla attended Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School. At the age of eight, her IQ was 131.  (Stephen Williams)  Homolka was in choir and was a part of a secret club called the Diamond Club.  Homolka spoke out about animal rights and refused to dissect animals in class.  When she was sixteen she started working at a pet store. (Chidley, Joe, 1995)  Homolka would meet her future husband because of a pet convention held at a hotel in Toronto. (Martin, A Horror that Haunts Canada, Childey, Enigma)  October 1987, was when Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka meet for the first time.  Karla only seventeen years of age saw Bernardo at a hotel bar during a pet convention in Toronto. (Taylor Susan)  Bernardo was six years older than Homolka.  (Martin, A horror that Hunts Canada)

Bernardos father was Kenneth Bernardo and Bernardos Mother was Marilyn Bernardo.  Kenneth was an accountant while Marylyn was a house wife.  They lived in Guildwood, a suberb.  The neighbors admitted that Bernardo was much fairer than his two elder siblings. Bernardo ran away form home around five or six years of age.  Bernardo was tormented as a child by other children.  Bernardo rarely socialized with other children because occasionally he would burst out in temper tantrums.  When playing street-hockey Bernardo had little concern for his own welfare.  Bernardo returned from under a car, his arms and legs bloody, holding the lost ball. 

            Bernardos father Kenneth was arrested and sentenced to prison for assaulting a young girl. If it wasnt embarrassing enough that Bernardos father went to prison, Bernardos mother Marilyn, confessed that Bernardos father wasnt Kenneth but some other mans.  Bernardo was sixteen at the time. (Chidley, Bernardo: The Untold Story)

            When Bernardo was older he worked at a local Crock & Brock restraint in which he was able to afford a Camaro. (Chidley, Bernardo Story)  Bernardo later was a junior employee at a Toronto accounting firm. Bernardo graduated from the University of Toronto with his Bachelor of Arts degree. ( Chidley, Enigma) Bernardo would soon become known as the Scarbrough Rapist.

            The Scarborough Rapist was responsible for the attack upon many female victims around their teens to early twenties.  Usually the victims were petite.  The rapist would generally grab the victim from behind, put a knife to their thought, force the victim to a secluded spot, rape her vaginally and anally, force the victim to perform fellatio upon him, tie the victim up, steal personal effects for a trophy, and always inflicted brutal beatings in which one victim suffered a broken arm.  The rapist would force the victim to say she was a bitch, and a slut.  The rapist was known for inserting objects into the victims for further degradement.  The rapist would announce to some of his victims that he was the Scarborough rapist. (MacFarlane, Horrific Video Tapes)

The Scarborough rapist in 1987 left a large amount of clues.  Semen specimens collected for the victims provided DNA proof.  The police had a composite sketch of the rapist from two victims collaborations.  The police received a tip that Bernardo might be their man.  Bernardo provided hair, blood, and saliva samples to the police. Having no previous record, Bernardo was not connected to the crime by the police. (Pron, A Rapist, Left Free to Kill)

            Because Karla wasnt a virgin when Bernardo and Homolka meet he felt that Tammy would be a great Christmas present (Martin, A Horror that Haunts Canada) Bernardo felt desires toward Tammy, Karlas baby sister.  Tammy was only fifteen at the time. December the 23, 1990, would be the last time her family saw her alive. Tammies sister, Karla, laced Tammies rum and egg-nog drinks with sleeping pills.  After Tammy passed out Karla held a halothane-soaked cloth over her sleeping sisters face while Bernardo, her fiancée, sexually abused her little sister.  Then Karla also took part in the sexual abuse of her sister.  The whole time Karla and Bernardo took turns video tapping the things that they did to Tammy. 

            Tammy apixiated on her own vomit.  Bernardo and Karla cleaned, redressed, and stuck Tammy back into her bed.  They then called the paramedics at which time Bernardo told authorities that Tammy had too much to drink.  The coroner ruled Tammies death accidental.  Even though Tammy had strange burn marks on the side of her face.  (Martin, A Horror That Haunts Canada)

Bernardo failed his accountant exam and lost his job.  He then started smuggling cigarettes over the border.  Homolka and Bernardo were able to afford the rent for a house. (Martin, A horror that Haunts Canada)  Bernardo and Homolka got married in a lavish wedding. on  June 29, 1991.  They had a horse drawn carriage and a pheasant dinner. Ironically the day that Bernardo and Homolka got married, anglers discovered Leslie Mahaffy in Lake Gibson. (Chidley, Enigma,)

             Leslie Mahaffy was the second victim of Bernardo and Homolka.  June 5, 1991, Bernardo was out cruising the streets for a blonde haired girl. Bernardo forced Mahaffy into his car.  Mahaffy died shortly before her fifteenth birthday. Mahaffy was beaten, sexually abused, and videotaped. (Martian, A Horror that Haunts Canada)

  Bernardo believed that Mahaffy died when she fell asleep laying face down on a pillow.  Homolkas story was different; she believed that Mahaffy was strangled to death by Bernardo with an electric chord.  Bernardo and Homolka had to dispose of Mahaffy. Mahaffy was cut up into ten pieces encased in concrete and tossed into a lake. (Martin, A Horror that Haunts Canada)

            Kristen French and family heard about the death of Mahaffy. French was a sophomore and an honors student she was one of the six children in a family of six. (Chidley, Hometown Horrors)  They had previously discussed what to do if someone approached Kristen.  But it was not enough.  French was walking home from school when she thought she was doing a good deed by helping a young couple with what she thought was directions. Instead she was abducted by Homolka and Bernardo.  French was beaten and sexual acts were forced upon her.  Homolka and Bernardo also took turns in video taping their actions inflicted upon French. Homolka reminded Bernardo that they were due at her parents house for dinner.  French would have to be disposed of.

 Once again Homolka believed that Bernardo strangled the girl. Bernardo believed that French accidentally choked. (Martin, A Horror That Haunts Canada)

            The coroner reported that French and Mahaffy had been badly beaten.  Frenchs injuries were mainly around her head, face, back, chest and rib cage.   While left unattended, internal bleeding was life threatening and caused death.  French had not been strangled first.  (DArcy, the Agony and the Innocents)

Mahaffys death was undetermined since her body was encased in concrete and dumped into a lake. (DArcy, the Agony and the Innocents)

            Bernardo and Homolka ended up having problems.  Bernardo sent Homolka to the hospital badly beaten.  Homolka then decided to leave Bernardo, moving into her parents house.  Homolka brought charges against Bernardo which lead to Bernardo's arrest.

            Homolka and her parents, Karel and Dorothy, signed a statement that outlines a deal/arrangement in which she will accept a 12 year sentence for the deaths of Mahaffy, French and her sister Tammy Homolka.  (DArcy, Ending the Secrecy)

            Homolka testified in court that Bernardo could not have done actions against her sister Tammy if Homolka had not participated.  Homolka confessed to buying sleeping pills and anesthetic inhalant form the veterinary clinic so she could offer Tammy to Bernardo for Christmas.  Homolka testified that Bernardo forced her to perform sexual actions on her own sister. (Zajc, Canadian Witness Helped Ex-Husband)

            Homolka testified that went out looking for someone to rape or kidnap on June 14, 1991.  Bernardo took with him a pair of pantyhose, a knife, and drove off in his car.  Bernardo returned home with Mahaffy and rapped her while blind folded in the same fashion of sexual assault he performed on Tammy.  Including videotaping the event.  Bernardo convinced that Mahaffy could identify him and Homolka then decided to kill Mahaffy, strangling her with an electric chord.  Bernardo failed to strangle her to death the first time. Mahaffy gasped for air and Bernardo strangled her for a second time till she did die. (Zajc, Canadian Witness Helped Ex-Husband)

            However, Bernardo testified that Homolka would come up with new ideas for sex.  That Homolka instigated the sexual assault of Tammy by talking about having sex with her own baby sister.  Bernardo admitted to being sexually attracted to Tammy.  Bernardo confessed that he and Tammy crossed the state line once to buy some alcohol.  However, they ended up parking in which things escalated to petting and kissing.  Homolka then being jealous confronted Bernardo. Bernardo confessed to Homolka what had happened. (DArchy, In His own Defense)

            Homolka then proceeded to convince Bernardo that she wanted to have sex with Tammy.  In July Homolka spiked Tammys drink with valume.  Tammy passed out and Bernardo proceeded to perform intercourse for only a minute before Tammy started to wake up. This lead to other attempts to assault her until the fatal night in December when Tammy died accidentally. . (DArchy, In His own Defence)

            Homolka then proceeded to continue her talks of having three ways. Bernardo said that it was by chance that he ran into Mhaffy.  Bernardo admitted to stealing license plates to use when he smuggled cigarettes illegally out of Canada to the U.S.  Bernardo said that he kidnapped Mahaffy to satisfy Homolka's three way desires. Bernardo testified that he left the Mahaffy girl unattended to get dressed so he could dump her off somewhere.  When he returned he found the girl dead. . (DArchy, In His own Defense)

            Bernardo stated that Homolka abducted French.  Bernardo and Homolka passed French on the road.  Homolka began expressing how she liked French.  Bernardo and Homolka then devised how they could kidnap French.  Homolka was the abductees in forcing French into the Nissan.  Bernardo testified that he had left French in Homolka's care while going out to get food and a movie rental.  Homolka untied Frenchs fee when French had expressed wanting to use the washroom.  French then tried to escape causing the electrical chord around Frenchs neak to constrict choking her to death. . (DArchy, In His own Defense)

Canadas ban on public info changed Canada.  The families of the victims desired that the incidents involving their children should not be presented to the public.  Even though some seemed to profit form the case ; Burside ,Scott, & Carins, Alan. (1995)  Deadly Innocence: The True story of Paul Bernardo, Karla Homolka, and the schoolgirl murders. NY: Warner Books., Davey, Frank (1995) Karlas Web Toronto: Penguin. Williams Stephen (1996). Invisible Darkness. NY:Bantam Books.

            Canada had become more restricted than the U. S in coverage of trials. (Martin, A Horror that Haunts Canada) 

            First the public as already had access to the audio content of the videotapes in the Bernardo criminal proceedings.  To that extent, the publics right to know about the intimate and gruesome details of Leslies and Kristens final moments has been satisfied and it is doubtful that nay useful purpose would be served by permitting the public to revisit their tragic ordeals.(MacFarlane Horrific Video Tapes)

Bernardo and Homolka are of the same sadistic level of evil.  Homolka is not represented in any articles as a mature nurturing individual.  Bernardo is represented as a cruel individual whose motive for treating women like dirt was because of his mothers extra marital affair.  Possibly he felt that he was getting back at Marylyn for past abuse he endured or his crushed beliefs of how his life should have been.

Homolka was in love with Bernardo.  In this love for him she was willing to do anything to please him.  Yet, deep down inside, the love she felt for Bernardo caused her to take out her frustrations on the girls he had sex with.  Homolka deep down only desired to be desired by Bernardo.

Homolka and Bernardo in a tape:

Homolka: I felt proud. I felt happy. Its my mission in life to make you feel good

Homolka:  Ill go in the car with you if you want.  Or Ill stay her and Ill clean up afterwards, like I did on Sunday. Ill do everything I can because I want you to be happy, because youre the King.  (DArcy , The Two Faces of Karla Homolka)

Sexual Sadist is less than two percent of offenders. Asexual sadist likes to inflict pain upon and totally dominate any sexual companion.  They carefully plan their crimes carefully.  Exhibits a high degree of predictability in his criminal behavior.  They are unable to stop rapping or killing on their own. (Beven, Analysis of Offender Characteristics)

The following characteristics of a sexual sadist; Male, white, parental Infidelity or divorce, physically abused in childhood, sexually abused in childhood, marred at time of affiance, incestuous Involvement with own child, Known homosexual experience, known cross-dressing, known history of peeping/obscene telephone calls or indecent exposure, shared sexual partners with another man, education beyond high school, military experience ,drug abuse, suicide attempt, excessive driving, police Buff. (Beven, Analysis of Offender Characteristics)

            Those that apply to Bernardo: white, male, above average intelligence, neat well groomed, learned that he was the product of his mothers affair with another man, authority figure, fascination with weapons, compulsive driving, dominating personality, obsession with sexual sadism.(Beven, Analysis of Offender Characteristics)

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