World Literature to 1660-Homer's THE ODYSSEY
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Enter the world of classical Greece.


It all started when Zeus looked down from Olympos and desired the lovely Leda. The result: the beautiful Helen of Troy.
Painting: Leonardo da Vinci's Rape of Leda.

Follow the adventures of Odysseus from Troy to Ithaca.


Orestes is burdened by the sin of matricide. The furies follow and harass him. Painting: Schwabe's FURY.
Note: Most paintings are courtesy of

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In Odysseus's journey home, he passed by the Sirens, those beautiful mermaids who sing and lure men to their deaths.
Painting: Waterhouse's Sirens.

odysseus (ulysses) and the sirens

Ulysses and the Sirens by Herbert (British, 1864-1920) Painted in 1909


Odysseus journeys to the isle of the dead to see Teiresias, the blind seer. (artwork, Bodkin's "Isle of the Dead" courtesy of


Circe, the enchantress, beguiled Odysseus' men, changing them to pigs. Here she attempts to seduce Odysseus.
Painting: Waterhouse's Circe giving the Cup to Odysseus