Literature of the Western World to 1660 (ENG 2003)
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This course covers literature from Homer's The Odyssey to Milton's Paradise Lost.

Enter the classical world of Homer's time and learn where sirens (females who seduce men to their deaths) came from. Ever hear of Oedipus complex? Explore the original work where son grew up, killed dad, married mom (inadvertently), and caused a plague to fall on a great city. Study Shakespeare and see the new Globe theatre. And visit Hell with Lucifer as one's guide in Paradise Lost. It's better than any movie you've ever seen.

The legends, the myths, the plot lines all descend from the past.

World Literature to 1660-Homer's THE ODYSSEY

Jupiter holding Semele

Research the legend of Jupiter and Semele. What happened to their son Dionysus?

Visit Dante's Hell in The Inferno and discover the Seven Deadly Sins.

Where did Odysseus reside in Dante's Inferno? What was the penalty for lust?