World Literature to 1660
Odyssey:Background on Troy
The Odyssey: Fantastic Voyage
The Odyssey: Penelope and the Suitors
Metamorphoses:Daphne and Apollo
Metamorphoses: Pygmalion and Galatea
The Aeneid

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World Literature to 1660 begins with Homer's great work The Odyssey. Before the story begins, one needs the background of how Odysseus got into this mess. Most of the background is covered in Homer's The Iliad, which is the story of the fall of Troy. But why did Troy have to fall?

One might say it was over jealousy--or discord. It was really over a golden apple that was supposed to go "to the fairest." But who was she?

Leda and the Swan by Leonardo Da Vinci
Zeus transformed himself into a swan to seduce Leda.

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